Our Mission

  • Foster community within the PAPM program.
  • Create opportunities for people to come together and build lasting connections.
  • Promote academic excellence, career readiness and personal wellness.
  • Make all PAPM students feel like they belong. 

Our Commitments

  • Organize fun, interactive social events to give students a chance to interact with one another.
  • Create opportunities for students to develop their academic interests and prepare for their career.
  • Promote initiatives to advance personal wellness, mental health, and inclusivity. 
  • Encourage students to actively and positively contribute to student life at Carleton.
  • Advocate for the best interests of PAPM students in curriculum development and other University policies.

Our Initiatives

Academic Orientation Day

Every year, PAPM welcomes another cohort of students eager to delve into the world of policy.  Held every September, students will receive information specific to the program, highlighting the resources available for them to succeed, and details about student life and getting involved in the PAPM community.  Students will also participate in a number of fun games and activities to help them establish connections with their new classmates. 

First Year Essay Workshops

Writing an effective essay can be daunting when you're new to university. We know that strong writing skills are crucial to succeeding in the required courses in the program, so we provide essay guidance to first-year PAPM students by upper-year PAPM students. These workshops help students in PAPM1000 organize and convey their ideas in a clear, concise manner. Free snacks are always on hand to help you chew through your writer's block.  

PAPM Formal

PAPM Formal is the event of the year for PAPM students- it's an opportunity to revel in the past years' accomplishments and a bonding opportunity for students in all years of the program. Usually held in March at venues across Ottawa, PAPM students are encouraged to dress up and enjoy the event's dinner and dance. Speeches and awards are also given out by faculty representatives and students.