If you're looking to make an impact on campus--whether it's advocating for better student services, reducing tuition fees, or planning fun, exciting events for students to get together, get involved with one of Carleton's student government organizations!

Carleton University Student Association

The Carleton University Students' Association (or CUSA) is a non-profit corporation that represents the undergraduate students at Carleton University. Executive members of CUSA are elected yearly and carry out the daily work of the Association. CUSA operates four businesses and eleven service centers, and provides funding for the various clubs and societies on campus.  Much of CUSA's decision making is done by CUSA Council, which is composed of the CUSA Executive, representatives from student groups, and 25 councilors from various faculties at Carleton. 

Rideau River Residence Association

The Rideau River Residence Association (RRRA) is the student organization that represents undergraduate students living in residence at Carleton University. Its membership consists of roughly 3,600 undergraduate students enrolled at the university living in residence. With an annual budget of approximately $1.4 million and three executives alongside volunteer staff, RRRA serves as an advocate for residence students and provides a variety of services, events, and programs to its members. There are four committees in RRRA: Financial Review Committee (FRC), Food Services Review Committee (FSRC), Special Events and Community Outreach Committee (SECOC), and Residence Issues Committee (RIC). Residence committees act as an advisory body to the RRRA council and are open to all residence students.

Carleton Academic Student Government

The objective of the Carleton Academic Student Government is to function as an intermediary between students, faculty and administration, allowing students to influence the University’s administration and governance. The Carleton Academic Student Government is recognized as the student wing of the administration, that runs under the Senate of Carleton; the highest decision-making academic governance body at Carleton.  It aims to address the quality and administration of education at Carleton, to promote academic freedom, to increase student participation and interest in academic issues at Carleton, and to maintain an academic environment free of prejudice and exploitation.