If you're interested in sharing your perspectives about politics, international relations, and current affairs, consider joining one of the following clubs and societies:




Carleton University Young Liberals

The Carleton Liberals are a diverse, committed group of university students who are proud to be supporters of the Liberal Party of Canada and Ontario. The Carleton University Young Liberals are a member club of the Young Liberals of Canada and the Ontario Young Liberals, and play a significant role in forming the policy of the national and provincial Liberal parties.

Carleton Campus Conservatives

The Carleton Campus Conservatives was founded with the intention of bringing together conservative students on campus and in our community. Their goal is to ensure that every conservative student at Carleton University has the opportunity to expand their political involvement with like-minded peers in an open and accepting environment.

Carleton New Democrats

The Carleton New Democrats is a group dedicated to supporting the New Democratic  its ideals and policies to students at Carleton University. It represents “progressive left” ideologies, and believes that the New Democratic Party presents the best option for government in Canada and Ontario.

Carleton U Greens

The Carleton U Greens is for anyone at Carleton University who is interested in getting more involved with the Green Party, whether their interest is federal, provincial, in the Young Greens, or in spreading the word.




Carleton Political Science Society

The CPSS aims to grow its members into professional, critical and empowered political science students. They do so in a community characterized by high standards and sustainable programs, implemented by an accountable staff in partnership with students, professors and the community.

Carleton United Nations Society

The Carleton United Nations Society is Carleton's Model United Nations team and international affairs society. They host in-house conferences and provide their members with  training sessions, guest speakers, and more. 

Model NATO

Carleton Model NATO is a unique four-day event that brings together university students from across Canada and the United States to Ottawa to simulate NATO decision-making. Students represent NATO and Partnership countries and engage in debate and collaborative problem-solving in the main committees of NATO on pressing issues affecting transatlantic and international security. The Carleton MNATO conference also hosts distinguished speakers, social events, learning and professional networking opportunities.

Student Deliberations of Carleton

Student Deliberations of Carleton works toward increasing democratic participation, providing a forum for informal debate, and hosting discussions on an inclusive range of topics.  It is our mission to unify students of varying ideologies in a platform which allows the discussion of ideas, freely without the intent to harm.