AKCESS welcomes incoming first-year students


As classes resume from the summer break, PAPM welcomes a new cohort of students seeking to delve head-first into the world of policy.   Considered one of the foremost programs in Canada for studying public policy, the PAPM program attracts top students from across Canada and around the world.

To help students feel at home, AKCESS will be on hand to for Academic Orientation Day  This event offers a tailored introduction to students from faculty and student leaders about the program, what to expect, and the resources available to help them succeed.  To get to know their peers better and familiarize themselves with the campus, students will partake in a number of fun activities.

AKCESS commits to fostering a community where everyone feels like they belong, right from their first moments on campus.  AKCESS will highlight its role in creating an exciting, vibrant student experience for them. 

AKCESS wishes all incoming students every success in the coming year, and looks forward to working with them to provide fun, relevant activities for PAPM students.