Political Internship Program

What is PIP?

Linking classroom learning to the real world is a perennial challenge faced by many students in the PAPM program. There is understandably significant pressure to move ahead and find the right connections early on.

Drawing from the strengths of the National Capital Region as the epicentre for political life in Canada, the Political Internship Program was conceived to provide students with practical experience working in political offices at the federal and municipal levels.

Students can be placed with Members of Parliament, Senators, and city councillors from Ottawa and Gatineau.

What students do

Students working in each office will be assigned different tasks, based on the level of government, responsibilities assigned to the individual office, and the priorities of each Members.

It is not uncommon for students to be writing letters on behalf of the office to constituents, sorting through mail, drafting speeches and briefing documents, and accompanying members to meetings with industry and community groups.

How students are selected

Applicants will detail their credentials, language proficiency, availability, and will provide details as to what they can offer each office. Successful applicants will be sent to various offices on a lottery basis. Students will be chosen at the discretion of each office.


This is an unpaid opportunity. However, students have often been able to obtain paid positions as a result of unpaid internships.

Dates & deadlines

September 21, 2018 at 11:59 pm is the deadline to apply. No late applications will be accepted.

From there, applications will be evaluated and sent to different offices. It may take some time for offices to review and select applicants.


Contact the VP Community Outreach, Kaylin Laflamme and Daniel Vrbanac.