How AKCESS Works

AKCESS is an organization run by and for PAPM students.  By default, all PAPM students are members of the organization.

It strives to effectively organize programs and initiative to enhance student life within our community.  Students expect their representatives to be open, honest, and accountable in the work they do. 

AKCESS is chiefly represented by the President, who is supported in their mandate by the Vice Presidents, who each have unique portfolios that together help the organization to succeed.

Our organization is governed by a Constitution and other by-laws that outline what AKCESS members can and cannot do. These rules help facilitate fairness and accountability.


At AKCESS, it's important we carry out our mission in the best way possible.  We commit ourselves to a set of principles to guide the way we think and act as a collective.


We keep students informed about what we're doing. We are approachable and open to new ideas about how we can improve ourselves.  


We're answerable to students first, and act with their interests in mind. We keep track of the decisions we make, and ensure they're communicated promptly. 


We are open to collaborating with other individuals and organizations on campus and in the wider Ottawa community. 


We aim to be respectful of everyone we serve, regardless of who they are. We recognize the diversity of the community we represent, and strive to be inclusive. 


AKCESS is led by an executive chosen from and by PAPM students.  The executive is composed of five positions, each serving one-year terms.

The current executive's term is from May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019


The President leads AKCESS at large. They establish a vision and set priorities for what needs to get done.  They maintain relationships with other organizations, and act as an official voice for AKCESS.

VP Communications

The VP Communications promotes events and initiatives to the community, and maintain its website and social media accounts. 

VP Community Outreach

The VP Community Outreach coordinates social responsibility and leadership initiatives on campus and in the wider Ottawa community. 

VP Finance

The VP Finance oversees the annual budget, coordinates grants and sponsorships, and distributes funding for initiatives. 

VP Policy & Academic

The VP Policy & Academic promotes academic excellence and career readiness, creating opportunities for students to link their learning to the real world. 

VP Social

The VP Social organizes events and initiatives to promote community spirit and social interaction between members.

First & Second Year Representatives

The First- and Second-Year Representatives represent the interests of first- and second-year students, and serves as a liaison between their cohort and the executive.

Equity Officer

The Equity Officer, selected on merit-based application, is responsible for promoting equity and inclusion within AKCESS’ activities, overseeing investigations of inappropriate conduct within AKCESS, and acting as Chief Electoral Officer for Elections.



All students are encouraged to actively contribute to, and participate in their student society. 


If you are interested in joining the executive, elections are held annually for each position. 

To be a candidate, you must:

  • be a PAPM student or paying member of AKCESS

  • obtain signatures from at least two nominators on your nomination form

  • submit your nomination form in by the deadline.

  • agree to, and abide by Campaign Rules

The next elections are for the First and Second Year Representatives, and will occur in late September 2018.

Information about these elections will be released within the coming weeks. 




Constitution & By-Laws

All student organizations registered with the Carleton University Students Association (CUSA) have a Constitution and other by-laws that govern internal activities.

AKCESS' Constitution was created by us and for us. It outlines what our responsibilities are, how we choose who leads, and how they are held accountable. 

Constitutional amendments are numbered according to the first year in a given academic year (e.g. 2018-19 is labelled as 2018), and the sequence in which the amendment was adopted.

As the organization and the community it serves evolves, changes to the Constitution may be necessary. Constitutional amendments are approved by the Executive at large.

The last amendments to the Constitution occurred in September 2018.

Below, you will find electronic copies of our Constitution and By-Laws.