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Notice of Elections

The Chief Electoral Officer has issued a Notice of Elections for the positions of:

  • President

  • Vice President, Communications

  • Vice President, Community Involvement

  • Vice President, Finance

  • Vice President, Policy & Academic

  • Vice President, Social

Call for Applications

The Chief Electoral Officer has issued a Call for Applications for the position of:

  • Equity Officer

How do elections work?

AKCESS' leadership is chosen directly by the PAPM community through regular elections.  In this section, you will find information about upcoming elections, in addition to forms and campaign rules.

AKCESS holds elections twice annually for different positions.

  • President & Vice Presidents

    • March of the preceding school year

  • First & Second Year Representatives

    • First six weeks of the current school year

Elections in AKCESS are conducted through an electronic ballot. 

How do I vote?

Ballots are sent to the Carleton email accounts of those eligible to vote on the morning of the election.

Voters will have about twelve hours on Election Day to vote before the poll is closed.

After the poll is closed, results are tabulated and released by the Chief Electoral Officer.

Congrats to the newly elected AKCESS Exec 2019-20!


  • Shruti Sandhu

Vice President, Communications

  • Ved Shimpi & Meghan Burns

Vice President, Community Outreach

  • Dawson Braine & Owen Wilson

Vice President, Finance

No candidates nominated (will be elected in Fall 2019)

Vice President, Policy & Academic

  • Taylor Arnt

Vice President, Social

  • Sophie Rusen & Anne Lajoie


Executive elections

Elections for the AKCESS Executive will take place on March 29.


Candidates must be:

  • Current PAPM students or paying members of AKCESS

Candidates may run with one partner for all positions with the exception of President and Vice President, Finance.


Nominations open on March 19 and close March 21. Candidates must complete in full the Nomination Form below.

Key dates

Candidates and voters should bear in mind the following dates:

  • Election Information Session | Monday, March 18

  • Nomination Period | Tuesday, March 19, 8:30 AM - Thursday, March 21st, 4:30 PM

  • Campaign Period | Friday, March 22nd, 8:30 AM - Thursday, March 28th, 11:59 PM

  • Election Day | Friday, March 29th, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Equity Officer applications


Candidates must be:

  • Current PAPM students

  • Fourth-year standing as of the 2019-20 academic year

Duties & responsibilities

  • Planning, managing and advising the Executive on diversity and equity matters.

  • Collaborating with the College to develop, implement and oversee programs designed to ensure fair and equitable treatment of students

  • Supervising the Executive and responding to equity issues raised internal or external to the Executive

  • Undertaking investigations and making recommendations following discrimination and harassment complaints filed by students related to matters of the Society

  • Deciding rules regarding membership of any ad hoc committees or working groups in the future

  • Coordinating training to promote cultural understanding and competency and a climate of equity, respect and inclusion, including Our Turn Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Training.

  • Serving as the Chief Electoral Officer in AKCESS Elections.

Selection process

On March 19, an application form will be made available to eligible students in order to apply. Students will provide responses to a series of questions detailing their experience and skills relevant to the expectations of an Equity Officer.

Form responses will be turned over to the Program Director, Lisa Mills for her review and selection of a candidate.

Key dates

Candidates and voters should bear in mind the following dates:

  • Application period | March 19-24


Below, you will find any relevant forms pertaining to the AKCESS Executive Elections and Equity Officer applications. Forms are organized according to its related process.

Executive Elections

Equity Officer


All candidates must follow the Campaign Rules provided below. Failure to do so can jeopardize a candidacy.


If you have questions or concerns regarding an election, nomination processes, or campaign rules, contact:

Zophia Brobio

Chief Electoral Officer

Evelyn Bartlett

Deputy Electoral Officer