Whether you're looking to make an impact on a local or global scale, participating in one of Carleton's service and activism-oriented clubs and societies can allow you to become an agent of positive change.

Carleton Human Rights Society

The Carleton Human Rights Society aims to bring  together  those interested  in human rights  to discuss  issues they  are  passionate  about  and  to attend human rights themed  panel discussions and events throughout the year.

Amnesty Carleton

Amnesty Carleton is a dedicated and passionate group to the protection of human rights for all. 

Oxfam at Carleton

Oxfam at Carleton believes that together people can create a fair world, free of poverty and injustice. Their meetings include planning our upcoming events and discussing current events in the world today.

UNICEF Carleton

UNICEF Carleton works to support UNICEF in providing programs and advocacy work for children all over the world by raising funds through events at Carleton University. 

Fair Trade Carleton

Fair Trade Carleton University is a club for people who care about human rights, from the right to education to the right to a fair wage. They support good environmental practices (goodbye, pesticides and mono cropping!) and small farms, families and community initiatives. 

AIESEC Carleton

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led network creating positive impact through personal development and shared global experiences.

jack.org Carleton Chapter

Jack.org is a national network of young leaders transforming the way people think about mental health. With initiatives and programs designed for young people, by young people, they plan to end stigma in this generation. 

Rotaract Club Of Ottawa South

The Rotaract Club of Ottawa South is a service organization, under the umbrella of Rotary International, made up of students who contribute to both their campus and community, carrying out fundraising, awareness and service projects. Their focus is both local and international,  taking interest in projects both at home and abroad with the help of other Rotaract and Rotary clubs throughout Canada and the world.