A learning experience tailored to your aspirations.

Academic success is key to making the most out of the PAPM experience.  This section of the AKCESS website provides an outline of the course requirements assigned to each specialization and concentration. 

Students chose their specialization at the end of their first year. What they choose defines the fields of policy a student will study over their degree.  As of September 2016, AKCESS has four specializations, under which a number of concentrations exist. 

These include:

See the full course calendar here:

Although an individual student decides where they want to take their degree, AKCESS helps in areas of common concern to all students. We commit to organizing events, resources, and initiatives that help students improve and practice skills, and broaden their perspective on topics related to their field of study. 

These activities include interactive events such as Essay Workshops, where students can get help from upper-year peers on writing effective essays, and panel discussions with scholars and other subject-matter experts that help students to critically think and discuss policy issues.

AKCESS also provides student input into how curricula are developed for the PAPM program, and gives advice to faculty as to how and what students are interested in learning.

Useful resources

Below you will find links to resources available on campus to help you navigate course selection and advising, and getting support for your academic success.

Selecting & registering for courses

Succeeding academically